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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Here's A Neat Geocaching Tip If You Have A Smart Phone

Ever have one of those "Why didn't I think of that," moments?

That's what I had when fellow geocacher Kiltedkacher informed me of a rather obvious tip.
When I go geocaching there are many times that I want to take extensive notes. Sometimes it's something as simple as a travel bug code. Another example would be when I want to remember some location's coordinates and what I liked about it for a future hide. To do that I have used the notepad application that was provided on my smart phone. Similar to texting, it gives a relatively simple way of saving information.

What I realized via Kiltedkacher's suggestion is that many smart phones also have a voice recorder application. I always knew it was on my phone but never thought of actually using it to take notes while geocaching. When used it is clear and easy to save large amounts of spoken data.

Next time out, give it a try instead of manually typing your notes.

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Joe Aiello said...

Hey Head,
Just found the blog today. I'm going to add it to my reader. I've found a couple of your hides in the last few days. My id is: kuma32478

Thanks for the blog.