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Thursday, October 14, 2010

I Remember Those Years

Went to my local hot dog place and noticed they had their mascot "Mr. Snoopy" outside waving at the traffic. Not to miss a photo op I came over and asked for a photo. After talking a bit with the poor sole inside the costume I thought back to the times I was inside the costume of choice. Below are a few of them which took me to way back when.

Grimmis for McDonald's. Picture a costume made mostly of wool on the outside and layed over football shoulder pads for where the head was. Then standing outside in 102 heat. Booyah - can we say heat exhaustion? Had fun anyways but will never forget that one.

Donkey Kong for Toys R Us. I worked at one of the main Toys R Us stores in the country and for one of their promotions was asked to don the Donkey Kong outfit. Had a blast and surprised my younger brothers when they showed up at the event. Ahh memories.

Santa for McDonalds and Kmart. If you have seen my GeoSnippits videos you will see that I am looking more and more like the jolly old elf every day. So it is no surprise I have played him dozens of times over the years. My favorite moments was going to disabled childrens homes and watching their faces light up. That and being around dozens of kids at a breakfast with Santa. Ever get hugged by three dozen kids at once while being on tv at the same time? Just awesome and wouldn't trade it for the world.

So there you have it. Some of my many characters I have stored up inside somewhere. All part of the fun I call life.
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