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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"NOT Obsessed" Makes Site of the Week on Nature Center Magazine

Looks like we made another favorites list. I was informed yesterday and then verified today that our blog Geocache: I'm NOT Obsessed... Right? is featured on the Nature Center Magazine as Site of the Week. Very exciting news.

Now even more people can see what Geocaching is all about and hopefully will take the whole family out on the trails in search of geocaches.

I would like to thank Emma Springfield for bestowing this honor. 

Be sure to check out Nature Center Magazine here: http://www.nc-mag.com/ and click on the Site of the Week link. 

Very Cool!

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Ratty said...

You deserve it very much. I've been looking around your site after reading Emma's story, and I'm very impressed by what I see. I've been a fan of geocaching for many years now, even though I've only found a few so far, and it is a thrilling activity. It adds some extra excitement to my hiking when I'm out there.

fix_broke_airplanes said...

Welcome to the (as HHH says) "Game, Sport, yes, 'obsession' " from a cacher in north-central AZ.

(formerly "Mike_B")