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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

GeoSnippoits Reboot Podcast: Episode 009 - Geocaching Trackables

Here is episode 009 of the GeoSnippits Reboot Podcast.

Recorded LIVE at the GeoSnippits Studios in Raleigh, NC on March 14, 2013

Tonight's show -- It's the hitchhiking guidelines of our favorite geocaching game pieces the travelers (travel bugs, travel tags and Geocoins). Host Andy HeadHardHat Smith and Dave Debaere discuss a full hours worth of geocaching insights dealing with travelers. So what are they? What do they do in the geocaching world? What makes the difference between travelers and geocaching swag? All of this is discussed and more. So everything you want to know about travel bugs, travel tags and geocoins and so much more.

It is an episode you do not want to miss.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for the show you can call our voice-mail at (919) 341-9519.

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