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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Packing Them In B Umstead State Park, NC

You know that everyone gets the spring fever the first sign of a 65 to 70 degree day rolls around. I was amazed as we pulled into the B Umstead State Park and there was not a single spot available. People were starting to park along the side of the road which is what we did. Within minutes there was not a single place to park anywhere and people were parking outside the park - Crazy.

I love long shadows when doing photography.
Plenty of sites and sounds once we hit the Loblolly Trail which goes for 2.7 miles and is considered a moderate difficulty terrain. There was some good stream crossings due the the bridge being out and it was actually more green the deeper into the hollers you went.
Andy HeadHardHat doing some rock jumping over a stream.

The lower into some hollers the cooler it became but also more green.
Had a great time hiking today with girlfriend Amy. There were only a couple of geocaches that I have not already found in the park and they were on the other side. So today's adventure was getting good shots with the camera and enjoying the company.
Saw this little guy warming his wings in the sun.

Amy showing her little known tree bending skills.

All in all a great hike with a lovely lady. I planning on doing much more now that the spring time weather is coming back.

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