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Monday, March 25, 2013

There Be Dragon's Here: Geocache Series - Phase Two

Hey all,

Working on the next phase to my "There Be Dragon's Here" geocache series. I really do not know how well this is going to work but that is part of the fun of creating cool caches. Sometimes it is glorious and others, not so much. This is going to be an expensive series so it better turn out right - I say to myself.

Anyways, the dragons were glued to the ammobox with Fusion glue then the hole where the handle resides gets taped with Gorilla duct tape so we can make a holding area. Then we filled it half way up with resin and fish gravel. Finally we poured the resin on top of the fish gravel to hopefully solidify everything including the dragon permanently in place. They will be spending the better part of the week in the shed to completely dry and keep the fumes out of the house.

Well we will just have to wait now and see what happens.

More to come.

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