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Saturday, March 9, 2013

This Is HeadHardHat Checking In


I couldn't help it. The Geocaching bug was stronger than the head cold I have been fighting and I had to go for some Geocaches today. The sun was out the sky is dark blue and I have my Ful powerbag all charged up for a day like today. So as I finished up a DNF ( Did Not Find ) on my last attempt. Oh did I mention how I hate holly bush hides especially when the GPS is pointing to an old and rarely existing working phone booth AND there are several ten foot holly bushes that could be where the geocache is..  Running sentence apology. Needless to say the fun factor ran out quickly and so I stopped to update my blog, get something to eat and recharge my phone on my powerbag. If you are wondering the juice from the car is not enough to recharge the phone because it shuts off after 10 minutes with the car off. So it is much more productive to plug the phone into my Ful bag and let it recharge there. If you want to learn more about my Ful bags let me know and I will do another review.

Anywho, already picked up a handful of Geocaches and I should be able to pick up a few more before my cache mobile oil change later today. I was kind of hoping to get a 3/3 in a nearby park but unfortunately the park was closed due to construction which normally is not a big deal except they went out of their way posting no trespassing signs while the park is closed so we will just look elsewhere. 

Wil fill you in on more as I get going but thought it cool to do a quick check in. Hope your day is filled with Geocaching wonder as well.


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