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Monday, August 18, 2008

New Geocoin For My Collection: The GEOCAC Geocoin

I love geocoins. I love the weight and feel of a well made coin as I pick up and hold one. I love the 'ping' noise it makes when I flip it in the air with my thumb. Over the weekend I received two new coins in the mail and I thought I would give you a peak of one of them.

This first caught my eye because of a project that is going on right now in regards to putting an official geocaching benchmark in every state. I liked the thought of just having this very large coin for my collection but there is a bonus of some of the proceeds going to the project itself. Below is the only write-up currently out now. Since it was a pre-order and it was just shipped there is not much more information available.

"GEOCAC Geocoin:
You can be a part of geocaching history! By purchasing one of these coins, you will directly contribute to the setting of permanent government recognized benchmark disks directly representing geocaching. Eventually, all 50 states may have one of these benchmark disks set in their borders. The GEOCAC coin was developed as one of the fundraisers and as a commemoration for this extensive project. We are proud to take on this fundraiser and help support benchmark hunting and settings. This coin is 2.25" in diameter and 4m thick. It has a 3-D design showing early surveyors climbing to the top of a mountain to set a benchmark. "
You can find more information about this coin at CoinsandPins website. For now click on the pre-sales graphic but I would assume it will be in their regular collection soon.

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tonka_boy said...

That is a cool looking coin! I'm gonna' have to get one of those.