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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Darkness Is Interfering With My Cache Time

When I started caching in the early month's of this year the days were getting longer. Even though I did not have a whole lot of time in the morning there was always time in the evening to hit a few quick caches before the sun dipped below the horizon. Now after Daylight Savings Time has kicked in I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark. How does one find our weekday smileys? Sure the first thing that comes to mind is caching during our lunch hours. That's all fine and good when you have caches available but I cleared out all the caches near work months ago. Now What?

Night Caching? I have hunted in the dark before and quite frankly I have a lot to learn. First if it is an urban cache I really feel uncomfortable using a flashlight. That whole burglar thing just doesn't feel right. Sure I have my geocaching speech for the boys in blue but why put myself in that position? There is always hunting in the woods but again, you never know who or what you can run into after dark. What do you think?

Now with winter approaching the weather is becoming a factor. Sure in the Piedmont of North Carolina I do not need my parka and knee high boots but we do get ice storms. It may not be blizzard weather here but it is a factor. All in all it looks like for the next few months I will be doing the majority of my caching on the holidays and weekends.

If you have suggestions for winter and night time caches, send them in. We will post for all to see.


tonka_boy said...

I've no nighttime suggestions for you. Never tried it. Most of the parks close at dusk, and I'm not creeping around neighborhoods with a flashlight in hand.

Let us know how that works.

P.J. said...

Well, my work hours are normally 4-midnight, so I have some daytime hours if I want to go somewhere. I also always have at least one day off during the week. That being said...

This will be my first "winter" as a cacher. I'm probably just going to do occasional trips and such. I might do a PQ of mystery caches within 50 miles of me and being as so many people have it so you do the puzzle on the computer, I might just start solving them and then try and do them when the chance comes up. That way, I'll always have some new ones to get.

Night caches are odd. I don't mind going after one if they are the quick park-and-grabs. We did a bunch of those after dark on the way home the other day. But, for normal ones? No way. I don't like creeping around with a flashlight, either. Damn daylight savings time anyway!

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