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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

HooHaa TB Race Update: P.J.'s Quilt Covers Second Place

Well in a surprising change of pace our very own P.J. who came up with the HooHaa Travel Bug Race has now moved into second place. Apparently some action was required after recent rumors that the soft and cuddly "Quilt" just wasn't made of the right fluff. This left him in stitches and forced the move to sew up this race. We will have to wait a see if Quilt can continue to move it's fat quarters at a winning pace.

For all the information about the HooHaa TB Race including the latest standings, race cartoons and more, hurry on down to the bottom right of this blog.


P.J. said...

It's still early... a marathon, not a sprint!

A 'lil HooHaa

tonka_boy said...

PJ, What'ya say?

Second place is like being first place in the losers bracket.

tonka_boy said...


Anonymous said...

Wow tonka_boy. Way to use an overused phrase. Let me guess. You've been reading "How to insult people AND make yourself look bad."

tonka_boy said...

I was the model for the cover photo of the book.

Anonymous said...

Way to go tonka_boy! Always fun to make the cover of something in life.