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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Latest GeoSnippit Out On YouTube - Intro Regular Size Caches

The latest in the GeoSnippits Series is now on YouTube. This quick tutorial goes over one of the most popular of Geocaching classes - the Regular Size. Here you learn about Lock 'N Lock boxes and an inside peek of an ammo box. Host HeadHardHat gives the quick instruction on this interesting subject.

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R said...

I have a suggestion for a future video episode - cache types (multi, traditional, earth, letterbox, etc.) If you do discuss letterbox hybrids could you emphasize the importance of the stamp - preferably hand-carved and preferably matching a theme or location. Stamp collectors like myself enjoy finding something unique and thoughtful. Also emphasize that finders should leave the stamp in the box (no trades) for the next finder to stamp their own personal logbook (kind of like a passport). Anyway, if you do a segment that includes letterbox hybrids I'd be happy to supply anymore information you might need since letterbox hybrids are my favorite - I've hidden a few (16 since 2002) and found a few (20). -- J.A.R.S.