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Monday, March 9, 2009

Are You Practicing Safe Geocaching?

I am sure that this particular photo is going to be used down the road for something more humorous but for today lets discuss what is appropriate for what to put into a geocache.

Now we all know that geocaching is very much a family oriented activity and just down below and right out of the geocacahing.com rules page here is what should not be placed in a geocache:
What should not be placed in a cache?
People of all ages hide and seek caches, so think carefully before placing an item into a cache. Explosives, ammunition, knives, drugs and alcohol should not be placed in a cache. Respect the local laws.

Food items are always a bad idea. Animals have better noses than humans, and in some cases caches have been chewed through and destroyed because of food items in a cache.
Please do not put food in a cache.
Great common sense advice.. Speaking of common sense lets just for fun remember that children frequently find geocaches and the idea of "Daddy, what's this for?", just isn't the adventure I personally would be hoping for while geocaching. As it was my daughter age 12 started giggling when she showed me this prize which instantly started the "How da heck do you know what this is?" form of questioning.

"Mom, who else", she snickers.

I of course still picture my daughter at the permanent age of six where daddy can fix everything and is just shy of a god. Needless to say I would suggest leaving the "protection" to other gaming places and leave the swag to more family type items - hokay?

Am I being over protective? I think not but what are your thoughts?


The Wet Coast Explorers said...

At least it wasn't used... like the one beside a cache we were at yesterday. Yuk! Another reason to always wear gloves.

Erika Jean said...

LOL. oh my.

I think batteries need to be added to the list of things that don't need to be in a cache. Freezing temps and 100 degree weather are no good for things like that.... also GOLF BALLS. Boo. sure they are appropriate, but they are boring...

Anonymous said...

I happened across an unopened Bud Light about a two weeks ago. Still haven't ventured into trying to taste it. LOL

Erika, you can always send the golf balls to me. I have an idea for a cache. *Cue Evil Grin*

Lachlan said...

Eeew.... re: the used protection. Gross!

And I agree, HHH. Just not in good taste for a game that kids are playing.

P.J. said...

I found one a while back when out for a cache. Took it out and shook my head. Couldn't understand why someone would leave it there. Of all things. They didn't have a use for it??

Ahhh well, as long as people are smart enough to come behind them and take it if they see it, at least.

A 'lil HooHaa

Dan Flye said...

Having seen the same thing in several caches in that area on the way to the same event you attended, I guess some cacher was using that as their "sig item", yikes. Pretty annoying when it was the ONLY "swag" in one of the small caches we found.

While not everything in a cache has to be toys safe for toddlers, be nice to not have things like that taking up space.

As to golf balls, unfortunately my son has made me trade good swag for a used golf ball more times than I can count, lol!

Unknown said...

I did not realize how many people have had experiences like this. Who would use condoms for a signiture item? Besides, take away the kid factor for just a second. In the heat and/or humidity of North Carolina who would actually use one?

Somewhere in the back of my mind is a twisted scenerio where you open up the cache. Then look at your wife and go "Hey baby, my cialis just kicked in, you wanna?"

Whew [shudder] there better be some dense folage around.

Baysword said...

Would you realy trust a item like this that you "found"? No telling how long it sat in a hot car. "Kid you were conceived because of this cache we found behind Walmart..."

Unknown said...

ROFL - I thought the same thing, NC heat, wear and tear of being jostled about in a geocache - what could happen?