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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Double Has Been Found And He's In The UK!!!

I have no problem telling people that I love TWITTER. For those who know and use this micro-blogging wonder can tell you how it brings the entire world right to you and opens communications never dreamed of.

Today I received a "Tweet" from a fellow twitter friend Magpie_Guy from Leeds, UK who informed me that my twin double has been found and he is a well known British Actor.

Meet Ricky Tomlinson who is definitely a handsome guy, what do you think?


Erika Jean said...

I'm already following you! (@airrikajswan)

I was just telling someone today how twitter has been great becuase I have found a ton of geocachers to talk with and blogs to read!

HeadHardHat said...

I agree, I get greetings from people all around the planet and it really is amazing how it has opened up communication.