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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hello World - Send Me Your Geocaching Videos

Calling All Geocachers!!! Tell us what your community gets out of bed to go geocaching for?

I created a section of the GeoSnippits Website and dedicated it to how geocaching is done all around the world and I need your help to do it. I know for a fact that geocaching communities have their differences from Country to Country, State to State and heck, city to city, town to town, etc.

Some areas go nuts over ammo boxes, others can't stand them and like the micros. I want to compile and make an ever growing list of who does what and how in Geocaching and that means the whole planet. For example, I have been told in Germany that micros in the woods is considered a crime and puzzle and multis are the big rage for wide open wooded areas... I know in my area ammo boxes are a big deal and micros get the nasty thumbs down.

What about you? What are the big hits and big frowns in your city, state, country? What do you do differently than the rest of us when geocaching?

Also if you send me your Geocaching YouTube videos you may get featured on the GeoSnippits Website and placed on The Great Geocaching Wall of Fame! Doesn't matter where you are or what language you speak. If we like it you're in so make them worthy of the Great Geocaching Wall. Who can make the best video to represent their community, State or Country? Spread the word.

Send all your You Tube entry links to headhardhat@gmail.com and be sure to put Great Geocaching Wall of Fame in the subject line. Spread the word to all the geocachers and your geocaching groups and friends you know. Show off your geocaching know how, talents and geocaching videos.

Here is a great example to show you. It's a video entitled Geocaching Germany from our GeoSnippits viewer Sokratekk from Germany.

Check it out! Oh I almost forgot. Thanks again to Sokratekk for starting us out right with your fantastic video. Here's Geocaching Germany....

You can also see it on you tube here:

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