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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hid My 100th and 101st Geocaching Hide Today

I was so geeked today because in celebration of all the summer like weather we were having I wanted to get my geocache hides finally up to 100. It was a combination of adopting about 30 of them from Hippopottamamma and my long commute from south Garner all the way up to Oxford, North Carolina (about 65 miles as the crow flies).

I had a ball experimenting and trying to come up with new and creative ideas plus kicking the dirt off of some old favorites. I hope the effort has been noticed. So here is my 100 hides geocoin that I can take out and show at my next event. There is a matching pin that came along with it so that is now added to my growing collection on my backpack. What fun and I only hope my future endeavours will be even more of a challenge to the geocaching community.

So not only did I put out # 100 which is a cute cuddly sandwich container and a 1.5 / 1.5.

The #101 is a green 35mm evil hide hidden in the middle of hundreds of pine trees which are so thick that I made it a 3 / 3.

Muhahahahaha! So much for mushy sentiment.. Lets Go Geocaching!

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QuiltingFitzy said...

Congrats on your 100th hide, we're still pretty much newbies over here in the desert.

Love your blog btw, found it thru "erikajean", daughter and fellow cacher with hubby "standupdouble".

HeadHardHat said...

Congrats dad i hope i get my first soon!!!!!

HeadHardHat said...


P.J. said...

Well, a hearty congrats on that 100th hide! I don't think I'll be reaching that milestone any time soon, but very cool!