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Monday, March 23, 2009

Bed Time FTF Snack With A Side Order of Cops

The owner of the Geocache that I went for tonight said to be careful because the police like to hang around the same area as the cache site. So when I hopped into my geocache-mobile at 10:30 at night I was not surprised to see two police squad cars sitting right where the geocache was supposedly hidden. Now I am not going to let the law slow me down from getting an FTF if I can help it.

I simply drove up next two the two cars with my dome light turned on and rolled down my window.
"Evening officers, sorry to disturb you but I am a geocacher and if it was okay with you I would like to look for a geocache that was just placed about 80 feet over there. Would that be okay?", blank stares return towards me as I start explaining what geocaching was.
"You are more than welcome to join me if you would like. Shouldn't take more than five minutes or so", I say as calmly as if asking for directions.

"Well I unfortunately have a run to go onto but he may be interested", stated the young officer.
"Sure I heard of geocaching but never tried it before", said the other.

So off we went after I showed him the printed off geocache page. I told him roughly what we were looking for which was a regular sized geocache and it was hanging in a tree. We walked down a slight slope and within a few minutes I spotted it and showed the geocache to the officer. He examined it and I showed the log book and other trinkets that were inside. After signing the log and putting everything back in place it was time to leave so I thanked him and went on my merry way. What fun this evening adventure was. Not only was it fun doing a night time FTF but having a police escort made it that much more exciting.

Hopefully I have added one more law enforcement to our ranks of geocachers. If anything it makes for a great story which is starting to become the norm for me.. Just loving it...

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Erika Jean said...

Cool! did you mention they might see more cachers headed that way ;-)