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Monday, July 20, 2009

What a Splendid Sunday Geocaching

It's mid July in North Carolina and this summer has been quite a warm one. For the past six or seven weeks we have been in the 90s with some pretty air chewing thick humidity. Not the greatest weather for geocaching. Sure I went out a few times but when it is hot like this it drains you fast. It is the price we pay here in Raleigh for no snow shovelling during the winter.

So when a day like yesterday comes along you power up the GPSs and go geocaching. The sun was out and the temps in the mid 80s. A slight breeze made it even more desirable so off we went. There was Miss Geoness, GeoPuppy Emily and myself on an afternoon trip to Rocky Mount, NC. I was excited about this because we never cached there before. I expected to get about 30 or so finds if everything went well. Now the one unknown factor was the pooch. She never went on a long trip before let alone geocaching for an extended period of time. I really didn't know how she would react.

We left about eightish and after the two hour trip we were at the first geocache. It was a regular in a wooded area. I was amazed how she (Geopuppy not Miss Geoness) just plowed in front of us into the pine needles and seedling trees. After a short trip we found the cameoed lock-N-lock box and back into the car for the next. The more we found the better she seemed to like it. Couldn't tell if it was because she was outside or that we were looking for "stuff".

All in all we found 35 geocaches and DNFd on four. The majority this time were micros with a combination of bison tubes, key holders and a couple of unique magnetic patches with the logbook on the magnet side. It was a day full of geocaching goodness. Good Times.

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Anonymous said...

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Erika Jean said...

that a lot of finds for one day! Glad you got some warm weather and the dog did well for you!