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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Finally in the Great Lake State and Ready To Geocache

Well it's noon the day after the big road trip to Michigan. Yes I had a late start but after driving for 17 hours Miss Geoness and I were pretty worn out. You know how it goes when you think you are going to be completely exhausted but are so wired up from driving you simply cannot sleep. I didn't konk out until around 12:30 or so. Anywho, I am currently enjoying myself at one of my old hang outs for breakfast, the Uptown Coney Island near Ann Arbor, MI. Absolute favorite dish, the Greek Skillet - complete yumminess; but I digress.

I hope you enjoyed following Miss Geoness and I as we travelled across North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and finally in Michigan. The meter read 954 miles when we finally reached our home base of Chelsea, MI. We ended up with a dozen geocache finds and wanted more but the overall trip just was too draining. The great news though is that we were able to pick up several geocaches in each state and added Tennessee, Kentucky and Indiana to our geocache stats - W00t!

Next on the agenda is to drive up to Michigan Magazine Museum for tomorrows interview with Michigan Magazine TV Host Barry to discuss the new geocaching project that will be featured on their show. I am hoping the weather will cooperate enough to take Barry out to a few nearby finds and to discuss all the details. Then it is more road travel as I go to every Michigan town I can doing the video needed. Very exciting.

Also on the agenda will be going around with my brothers and their kids to do some geocaching. If I am lucky I might be able to make a GeoSnippits video with them in it. I heard that my nephews especially are big fans and I want to make them geocaching stars.. Will report the details as we go.

Well that's it for now. I will be updating the blog as I go so keep coming back from time to time and see what I am up to. It's going to be a whole lot of fun. Now that I am full of skillet and coffee it's time to get some geocaching in... Woo-hoo...

See ya out on the Michigan trails...

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