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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

HooHaa Travel Bug Racer Just A Nut Back On The Road

Well I had pretty much written off my TB Racer "Just A Nut" in the HooHaa Travel Bug Race.

You see "Nut" was taken overseas and at the time I thought, "fantastic", then it could really chalk up some miles. How wrong I was. Sure currently has about 3500 miles under it's belt but it was dropped on the western shore of a western island from the western side of Scotland. Lets just say that this was the only geocache on this particular island and it was well, isolated. So there it sat, perfecting it's Scottish accent and learning about haggis. For seven months it waited to be liberated from it's geocaching tomb.

Then, a couple of days ago the lid opened and a geocacher by the name of Skihog found it and now is taking Nut to other places. Hopefully far away from this Isle.

More details to come once I find out where Just a Nut will land. The great thing is now at least it is on the move again. Stay Tuned...

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Anonymous said...

It may be on the move again, but I still have all your asses beat. Mine preparing for a move from Illinois to Arizona. That will put me well into the 9,000 miles range. HA HA...EASY FLYER IS FLYING TO THE FINISH LINE SO IT CAN REST WHILE WATCHING EVERYONE ELSE CATCH UP!

Just John said...

Mine won't be doing any catching up, unless you believe in reincarnation!

Congrats on the revival.

Shailendra Singh said...

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