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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

When Hard Drives Attack

Howdy Folks,

Well if you have been wondering where my posts have been in the past week the answer is Boof. Yes boof, that wonderful noise humans make when their computer hard drives die on them. Sure there is a lot of colorful language before the actual boof but when all the tantrums and curses are silenced and you realize there is nothing you can do but fix the situation. You finally sit down, look at the blank computer screen and go "Boof".

Needless to say the trip to the mountains was replaced by figuring out how to install and 'get running' a new 1 Terabyte SATA internal hard drive, loading all the necessary drivers, loading the operating system (after 2.5 hour format), loading the rest of the needed drivers and finally delving into the long and winding road of loading all my very much needed applications. Phew.

I lost count on how many 3 am evenings I had getting everything back in running order. Thank goodness Gmail never deletes emails because all my registry product keys were in there.

Yeah, yeah I know that if I had a backup of the entire hard drive it would have taken a bunch of pain out of the process but and you knew there was a but. I was happy that I had a backup of the important files like pictures, my GeoSnippits vids and pieces that make the vids, important documents, etc. were all in place. It should be interesting because I have a 500 Gig external drive to save all my important stuff but now I have a Terabyte internal hard drive. That's a lot of stuff to be saving for the next time. What comes after Tera? Will have to look that one up.

Long story short - Too Late. I should be back in the groove by the weekend and out on the trails geocaching. Hope to see you there.

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Paul said...

This should be a Mozy commercial! =)