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Monday, October 10, 2011

But Will There Be Geocaches Along The Way? - Routes

Well it is now less than a week before my trip to Geocoinfest US 2011 (GC2G6QR) in Rock Hill, SC.

I am excited about this adventure for a bunch of reasons. One I am taking my daughter Geoness along to help document the event. Even though she is an active 15 year old with much more time being with her friends now a days. We do love doing the trips together. ROAD  TRIP! Next this geocaching event is in South Carolina and even though I have been close I never actually found geocaches there so I am looking forward to that. Finally this particular geocaching event is all about geocoins! Oh yeah baby, those wondrous bits of treasure that never fail to get my heart pounding when I find them. I can't wait.

So of course I had to see if I could make a route for the road trip. In doing so this would allow me strategic times I can stop and stretch my legs plus get some geocaching in. Below is my route which was made into a pocket query. I think there will be a few to choose from...

(500 Route Geocaches .5 miles from route T2/D2 or less)
The biggest issue I am going to have is to NOT geocache too much on this route. WHAT? You heard me, the normal driving time from start to finish is three and one hours. Now add 15 to 20 minutes each time you stop and find a geocache. How much time can I actually take to get to Rock Hill? Do I want to hit many geocaches at all until I reach South Carolina and then do some geocaching? I will decide when I actually get started on Friday. Any way that I do go I will be sending photos, tweets and posts all weekend. So stay tuned.

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