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Saturday, October 1, 2011

HeadHardHat Reviews A Brazos Walking Stick

When geocaching, hiking or just going along for a nice walk, many people rely on a walking stick. I personally find great comfort having one with me as I go on my geocaching adventures. Why you ask? For one, a walking stick provides balance and stability for many of the situations geocachers may face. How many times have we found ourselves walking across a log which spans a stream or while climbing up or down a steep slope? Walking sticks not only help us while we travel they are great for protection purposes. There has been several occasions where I was confronted by animals or critters while geocaching. Having something in hand to keep yourself safe makes them ideal.

Let's not forget HeadHardHat's Number One Rule: Before reaching into any area that you cannot see, "Poke It With A Stick!". A walking stick makes a perfect tool for probing unseen areas which may contain an animal or critter that could cause you harm.

Travelers Walking Stick comes in three well build pieces
for easy transport.  Note the Combi Spike for  indoor/outdoor use.
So when Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) was approached by Brazos Walking Sticks with a prize donation for our viewer Cache Stash we were very excited with the news. In turn, we wanted to do a review of this prize so you can decide if Brazos Walking Sticks are something you might be interested in having for your very own.

Right out of the shipping container I could tell that this walking stick was well made. The Travelers Walking Stick comes in three pieces. Which is really handy if you do not have a lot of trunk space in your geo-mobile.

My first concern with it being in three pieces was how strong the connection points would be. Much to my relief the screw in points are large and very sturdy. Because of the extra deep connectors, once they are put together there is no feeling in your hand other than one of a sturdy waking stick. Being made of oak there is a good weight to them as well. Put completely together the Travelers Walking Stick is about 55 inches long. The version that we were given had a very nice dark brow stain with a smooth shiny finish.

I took our Cache Stash prize out for a little walk and was quite pleased with it overall. I really thought there would be an issue of it being in three pieces but there was no odd feel to it as I walked on asphalt, packed dirt and concrete terrains. It comes with a leather hand strap which I really did not need to use but would be great in those "might loose it" situations.

One thought did come to mind with this particular stick while in use. I would love the option to have a leather grip area. The smooth finish is nice but would be nice to have a more solid hold. Just saying.

Hey speaking of options, there are a bunch for you to customize your own personal choice. For example, you have choice of colors like brown,  tan and red. Then there are different tip choices as well. You can have the Combi Spike like the one we have for multiple terrains, the Spike Ferruel used for grass or picking up trash and the Lee Valley Spike with a slightly less spike than the Ferruel. If you want a compass you may add it to your selection which fits on the top of the walking stick. There is even a custom engraving of your choice and optional Leather case. Finally did I mention that the Travelers Walking Stick is TRACKABLE? There is a Geocaching.com tracking number laser etched right into the wood.

Keep in mind this is one style of many walking sticks that Brazos Walking Sticks makes. Everything from Walking Sticks, Walking Canes, and Collectors editions.

They truly are the Quality of American Craftsmanship and would make a fine addition to anyone's collection. Of course the hardest part for me will be giving this baby away.

Speaking of which we will be holding a drawing on the Geocaching World (RVVN.tv) show sometime in the next few weeks. We will be giving details of how YOU can qualify for the drawing sometime this week with the final details for our episode on October 6th, 2011. Stay tuned to this blog for more information coming very soon. 

You can see all of the Brazos Walking Sticks products online here:

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