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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast Ep. 226 - Canine Consideration

I am sitting here listening to my recorded track of tonight's Geocaching Podcast which is kinda weird in a way. We just finished recording the show that I am able to hear completely while we actually talk and then to hear just my track which is used for the final cut misses everything but what I actually say. It does though give me enough information that I can write this post. But I digress...

Tonight it was just Darrylw4 and myself Andy HeadHardHat Smith. XpunkX was out doing family stuff and could not make it. We and more precisely Darrylw4 missed him lots because not only did he have to mind the board he had to say a lot of the meta-content that XpunkX normally does as well. You never know how difficult it can be until  you actually have to do it.. Great job Darryl.

This was a fun episode on several levels for me personally. Our guest for the show is North Carolina based geocacher NCBiscuit. This is a geocaching team where Linda (NC) pairs up with her partner Biscuit who happens to be a fun loving Golden Retriever. I have been friends with Linda and Biscuit for many years and it was a real pleasure having her on.

Over the course of the show we discussed many things our viewers have asked about geocaching with your pets. Things like the amount of training that may be needed for your pooch - and you. Safety and First Aid tips, helpful hints and a whole bunch more. You will have to listen to the whole show to get all the information but you will be so glad you did.

If you listen you will actually hear my dog during the recording. How fitting is that when discussing our pets while geocaching. So as I wrap this post up my dog Emily gently rests her head on my knee and looks up at me. Tail wagging and then that gentle but routine doggie fart, her tail wags a bit faster. Boy, what we do when dealing with our pets, but hey we wouldn't have it any other way.

Time to let the pooch out the back door. You can hear the entire episode in the next day or two. Be sure to give us a listen - phew Emmy - OUTSIDE!

We record the Geocaching Podcast each and every week on Wednesdays at 9:30pm EST. The recorded episode for this week will be available any time now via iTunes and the Geocaching Podcast website.

Until Next Week.


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Nighthawk700 said...

Now I'm missing all (well most) of my previous dogs. May they all be running through the woods up there.