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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Behind The Scenes: Geocaching Podcast - Ep. 224 - Hosting Geocaching 101 Events

Well for me at least,  the build up for tonight's show was not necessarily because of the content for the show which was about what to do to Host a Geocaching 101 Event. No that was a given for me. Especially since I specialize in creating videos (GeoSnippits Videos) for said subject. What had me going was even before doing the show itself. You see I am almost happy with my Blue Yeti microphone when it comes to doing recordings. It is amazingly sensitive and can pick up a flea breaking wind ten feet away. The problem is that IT IS so sensitive that you can pick up a flea breaking wind ten feet away. I know I need it for when I record Geocaching World (RVNN.tv) because it gives me the freedom to move around in front of the camera and not have a big mike in front of me. What could I do to get a little more mike control? Well I ended up purchasing a M-Audio MobilePre and a new standard dynamic microphone. Now while I do pod-casting I can have a better sounding voice and not have to worry about picking up any more flea flatulence.

Long story short (too late). I purchased everything yesterday and put it together on Computer Number Two. The surprising thing to me is that it all worked the first time. Even when it came to hooking into the show's chat room venue TalkShoe.  I set up the hardware, loaded new software, tested it and bingo-bongo I had a working mike on a boom. No one was more surprised than me but I love it when a plan comes together.

Tonight's show we had the usual suspects of XpunkX, Darrylw4 and myself Andy HeadHardHat Smith with special guest TheBadCop. To start off the show Darrylw4 talked about his heavier than usual set of geocaching activities which included a 5/5 cache along with TeamLegend4. XpunkX discussed all the great weather they had so they could go out geocaching and I discussed the soon to be Geocoinfest 2011 US which is coming up this weekend and the NCGO Fall Fling which is coming up the end of October.

After the News and Geocaching Question of the Day all four of us had a grand time discussing the finer points of presenting a geocaching 101 class. Including the high points and thing to avoid if at all possible. Each of us have hosted these types of geocaching gatherings and had useful thoughts based on the experiences. There was plenty of great discussions that you really should hear the entire episode.

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