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Friday, February 13, 2009

After Four DNFs - Found! Devin Lake #2

After four attempts I finally can take the Lake Devin geocaches off my list. Yes the stars aligned, wind blew in the right direction and it was Friday the 13th. I was given the opportunity to leave early from work and take a fifth crack at this pesky geocache called Devin Lake #2. So after crossing the rickety old bridge I took a quick walk up the trails into the well known geocaching area.

A sigh was heard by me as I once again started looking for the needle in a haystack like so many times before.

Time slipped by and just when I thought all hope was lost I saw something out of place. It was secluded in the rocks but something did not look like it should. The expression on my face had to resemble a retriever pup who after running full bore slams on the breaks. Looks at the object and cocks his head to the side going "Unhhhhh?"

There it was, my prize after almost a year of searching. So I signed the log and put everything back for the next hider. No sense crying over spilt sweet tea. There are other geocaches to find ya know....

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