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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blustery Skirt Hide During Lunch

I couldn't stand it anymore. Henderson is a bit Northeast of where I work in Oxford, NC. For the past six to eight months the absolute worst traffic was caused as they worked on I-85 between these two towns. Needless to say we did not travel to Henderson much because we wanted to be back from lunch sometime before it was time to go home for the day.

With the construction finished I had to venture out of the bubble of which I call my cube and go out into the sunshine. That would be that big shiny orb in the sky for the people up north in the frozen tundra. Like say New Jersey. Anywho the winds today were pushing 40 mph but that didn't slow me down for this quick skirt hide in Henderson, NC. I found two park and grabs which actually will leave me with only two other hides in the area that I have either not found or I have hidden myself. Those will be for another day.

I do have to note that on the way back I found a rather cool place to put a geocache hide. I drove by it by accident and literally turned around and drove back. I instantly fell in love with the cache area and set up the cache. It's called "Who Will Own The World?" (GC1MM6X) based off of an old calculator game I had known as a kid. Should be a real toughie. We shall see...

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