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Monday, February 9, 2009

A Geocaching Record of First To Finds ( FTF's )

What an unexpected surprise of events of which unfolded for me today. I would have been quite happy with the quick lunch time geocache find I had earlier. Yet what awaited me were four just published geocaches. My phone alerted me to the new emails and I quickly scanned them. Normally they are all over the place and way out of my driving range. Yet these were clumped in two's and fairly nearby so out the door I flew, a puzzled look on my wife's face and then a roll of the eyes. She will never understand...

With my BlackBerry and Geocache Navigator in hand I quickly pull up the closest one and ZOOM at an Earth shattering safe and posted speed. Why do the police always show up when I want to be slightly reckless? But I digress...

FTF #1:
The first geocaches were out in a wooded area and at the end of a dead end road. I searched for about ten minutes and was able to find a type of geocache that I have only seen a couple of times. The more interesting tid bit was that there was No Log Book inside! Hey we are all human and I will be the first to say DOH! So I went into the trunk of my cachemobile and pulled out a spanking new log to fill said geocache. After signing it was placed back in it's very clever hiding spot.

FTF #2:
The second geocache was about .13 of mile down the same road I was on. What I mean is it looks like half way down the original road they put a guardrail up so you couldn't go any further but the rest of the road just continued on. Sure it was broken up over time but you could still see the yellow line going down the center. Found that odd and yet this is not the first forgotten road I have been on in this state. As I walked I could see dozens of large white tail deer everywhere. They were curious about me and most ran as I walked but the amount of deer was truly amazing. I have seen several deer in my back yard but nothing like this. Before I knew it I was at the geocache site and the find did not take as much effort as the first one. I saw all sorts of Cardinals, Robins and Thrushes chasing each other everywhere, quite fun to watch. After signing the log and putting this regular sized geocache in place it was on to number three.

FTF #3:
The sun was definitely going down by now and I had to hurry if I even had a chance at the last two caches. Fortunately for me this one was behind a small shopping center and ended being a quick find. My luck was still with me and if only I could make it to number four I would have my record. Okay maybe I was getting a bit greedy at this point but if you're going to be obsessed you might as well go all the way.

FTF #4:
The sun was down by the time I reached the my final destination and I grabbed my GPS phone and a flashlight as I exited the car. It was still partially lit out but that wasn't going to last long. Fortunately for me the geocache site was in a field and not near any muggles. I was just going to turn on the flashlight when I spotted my final prize hanging in a Cyprus bush. Figuring someone had to have beaten me to this one I was pleasantly surprised to again see clean sheets. Signing the final log and placing the container back in it's hiding spot I hustled back to my car. Triumphant with my new found record and yet still had to come up with a good enough excuse to tell my wife why I took so long and that my Salmon, rice and Broccoli were going to be ice cold. Another night on the couch I can feel it but woot what a rush.

I'm not obsessed.... Right?


dflye said...

Looks like I must have been pulling into the area of find #1 shortly after you'd left the scene of #2 (and thereby the parking for #1 as well), since my log was only about 30 min after yours! Thanks for the pictoral hint for #1, didn't find that evil bugger, ha ha! Would have had FTF if I didn't have to detour to WF to get pet meds on the way home, grrr.

The guardrail was likely installed when the gov't took possession of the land to flood the nearby area when Falls Lake was created. They probably later cut the guardrail when slash burning in the area for easy access via the roadbed.

P.J. said...

Four in one day, very nice. I did the same a few weeks back, but I guarantee wasn't wearing short sleeves and hanging out in warm weather! Alas, it's still fun to find that blank sheet!

Nice job!

A 'lil HooHaa

HeadHardHat said...

Well if anything the area is teaming with life. Tons of deer and other critters. Was neat just to stand still for a short moment and take in all the sounds. Very cool.