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Monday, February 16, 2009

Placement of Geocache Near Owner's Home - I Don't Think So

I know that putting a geocache on your home property can be a really cool thing to do. You get to see and many times meet other geocachers as they snoop around looking for the hide. This in many cases is fine to do but only if the hide is extremely easy and obvious or in an area that the neighbors won't think you are a burglar.

Had one today that popped up less than a mile from my house. Took off like a shot to go find it and after a little bit of stumbling I realized that the geocaching find was on private property. Double checked the description and sure enough it stated that it was and also to mind the plants. Well the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I thought if it was in plain sight and could be done quickly I would give it a whack. Walking on their lawn I started looking around. My GPS of course decided to start bouncing the closer I was to the actual homestead. "Great", I think to myself. I triangulated the best that I could and checked around some bushes. I could hear cars driving by on the road behind me and I started getting the heebi-jeebies.

That was it for me, I was too close to the house and didn't want to go behind the bushes and the house to look. So with a quick shrug I am calling this one. Shame I would have loved another FTF but not this time.

Once again shows that a good geocaching placement is important and you need to think of the finders when you place it..

Your Thoughts?


Erika Jean said...

we have a lot on neighborhood settings that are too near to houses for my comfort. I feel like a major creeper sometimes!

P.J. said...

There's a cache in a nearby city that's on a guys house. I had actually e-mailed with him before doing it. He tells you to pull into the driveway. The cache is a big green lock-type box on the house with a padlock. Crazy stuff.

Did one other where we met the owner when doing it. Much easier then! :)

A 'lil HooHaa

Just John said...

I don't think I'd enjoy a cache on private property, unless it clearly stated in the description that "this is my house, so you might get to meet me," or something like that.

That creepy, unwelcome feeling just doesn't make caching fun for me.

Unknown said...

I agree that it is major creepy to walk on to someone's yard.

Anonymous said...

I was considering putting one on the property on or around my business but havent quite decided on the perfect place yet... But my house... no way...