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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Geocache By Any Other Name...

Well it can't be said that TimMcGrawlookalike doesn't have a great sense of humor. He is in law enforcement which gives him privy to all sorts of goodies. Like those night vision goggles I want so bad I can't stand it... but I digress.

Anyhow he has a really good idea that I am going to help with in which we are going to populate the Creedmore, NC area with some great geocache hides. His first attempt utilized a special geocache container. Now if you take a look at the photo you will most likely figure out what it is. It's definitely waterproof with no spills and fairly durable... Know what it is? Let's just say if you have been to your doctors lately or needed to comply with a drug screening you will know it very well.
When I first opened the geocache I looked at it. Thought, "no couldn't be", and promptly put it back into it's hidey spot after signing the log. Then when I was sure it was what it was I called Mr. TML to tell him how much of an evil, sick man he was.. I loved it.
His remark back was, "at least it wasn't used", ummm yuck.
So you see it takes all kinds when it comes to creative geocache placement and at least this one didn't have to go into that little hiding spot behind the medicine cabinet door. Ewwwww.

1 comment:

Just John said...

I hope you SCREEN that cache sample very well. Hehehehe. I have NO experience with those containers...