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Friday, February 20, 2009

Meet Anson and He's a Geocacher - Hi Anson!

One of the very nice things about Geocaching is how very much of a family style network it can be. You call someone to go on a Cache Raid tomorrow, someone else calls you with a PAF (Phone A Friend) asking for help on a geocache you found a month ago. Someone else wants to hold an event so we can get everybody together to party and well... party some more. Throw in random instances of caching and you can see pretty much how this community works and what a great community it is to belong to.

So when I received and email from Anson and his wife Donna to stop on by and go over some geocaching basics I jumped at the chance. That and I found out he literally lives about two miles from my house - the more the merrier - except when it comes to FTFs but we won't bring that up right now - now will we ;)

Anyhow, I really did get a kick out of going to Anson's house and to chat with him for a while. I explained a bit on the basics of a GPS which I believe he already new quite a bit about. Not that would keep me from talking. I also asked for him to check out NCGO which is North Carolina's Geocaching Organization. We discussed geocaching events and that I would tell him the next time I know one is coming up so he can meet even more of us. All and all a really nice guy and I can't wait for the next time we can go geocaching together... Except of course when it comes to FTFs and all bets are off, huff, huff, huff... but I digress.

If you are interested in finding more about geocaching in North Carolina here are some need to know links.

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Just John said...

Always a treat to meet other cachers. It's nice to hear about lending a hand to a newbie (I'd be even more lost without the help I receieved!).

As always, enjoying your posts.