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Monday, February 16, 2009

Oh Yeah Baby Ammo Box And More.

Had a nice day off today. Was a bit cold in the mid 40s but times of wind made it brisk. I started out with attempting two FTFs that did not turn out the way I wanted. Hey, it happens. I headed out to Cary, NC and was hitting my first geocache when my phone rang. It was my wife who just came out of the gym and wanted to go out for some sushi. Well I never turn down sushi and besides it was just down the street from where I was and it gave me enough time for a couple more finds before she would get here.

The first was a quick 35mm hide near the restaurant parking lot and a fine park and grab. The next was a bit more challenging as shown above. It was a good 250 feet of bushwack through some serious brier patch. The growth was thick, fresh and yet somehow I managed to work my way through with a minimum of scratches. Did I ever mention the importance of wearing a good hat when in a brier patch situation? If I haven't.... wear a hat, your scalp will thank you.

The end result was a fine medium sized ammo box and before I knew it, it was time for sushi.

Lunch came and went and I really did not mind the lapse in Geocaching. My wife and I can talk for hours about a whole lot of nothing and that is great for us. We always had that ability to just jabber and since my daughter was in school it was just us. Next thing you know 90 minutes have blown by. Good Times.

The rest of the day went fairly well but the weather was deteriorating fast with the wind picking up and the temps slowly dropping. I managed to find thirteen for the day with only 3 DNFs. I think I found every color of the rainbow when it came to bison tubes and a goodly share of skirt hides and smalls. When it came to ammo boxes I found several and that is always good.

Below is a nice slide show video of some of the hides and finds for the day.

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