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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Geocaching on a bicycle - What is your tips and tricks? Send us your videos.

I was recently asked by a GeoSnippits viewer what are some of the best tips and tricks for geocaching on a bike. Now if you have ever seen a GeoSnippits video you will know that I am a rather large man and that means my bicycling days are a thing of the past. I know there are bikes out there for individual of my size but they are extremely expensive.

So if I can't give direct accounts on geocaching from my favorite chain driven vehicle, maybe you can. I am looking for videos from any geocachers out there that geocache while bicycling. They can be from anywhere around the world. I need to see you in action while geocaching and also any tips, tricks and advice for the safest and best practices. What makes riding a bike while geocaching so great? What are some of your best experiences or worse? I want them all.

The best examples will be used to make a GeoSnippits episode and if selected you will win an official GeoSnippits Pathtag!

Email me as soon as possible with the details about your video and I will contact you with the instructions on how to send it to me. Contact me at headhardhat@gmail.com.

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