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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Send in a Suggestion and Win a GeoSnippits Pathtag!!!

Did you know that over 90% of the GeoSnippits videos we produce are based off of our viewer suggestions? That's right which means you are the ones in a sense controlling the show. So keep those ideas coming.

Just to help get those creative juices flowing we are going to add an incentive. If you send in a GeoSnippits video suggestion that we end up using on the show you will win an official GeoSnippits Pathtag.

So if you think you have a winning geocaching idea email it to headhardhat@gmail.com with the subject of GeoSnippits Video Idea. Not only will you get a free pathtag but will be mentioned in the GeoSnippits video you suggested.

Get them in now and don't hesitate we are planning Season Two right now.

Please don't forget to visit our GeoSnippits Geocaching Tutorial Videos Website at http://www.geosnippits.com

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