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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

When Was The Last Time You Checked Your First Aid Kit?

Summer is coming to an end but for many geocachers like myself that means it's time to crank up our geocaching efforts.

If you live in a more southern climate summertime is sweltering hot and even though we do geocache it is not as much fun. Now that Labor Day has past and cooler weather has kicked in we really can't wait to hit the trails.

Here's just one thing you may want to keep in mind before you start tearing into the woods, deserts, mountains and other interesting terrains. Make sure you replenish your first aid kits you take with you while out on your adventures. Over time we seem to use up those band aides and alcohol swabs. Not to mention the poison ivy balms and bug wipes. Other items in your first aid kit can just plain expire over time and can even hurt you if used. We may not realize that simple medicines and pain relievers can loose their effectiveness after time and sitting in hot vehicles.

So before you jump into your vehicle and start looking for that ultimate geocache. Restock your first aid kit and make sure you are prepared for the unexpected. You will be so glad that you did.

Another helpful hint from the HeadHardHat to you.

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1 comment:

team spongebob said...

i also added snakebite kit this summer and some baking soda paste for those nasty bee stings :D