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Saturday, September 26, 2009

WWGD (What Would Geocachers Do?) Question.

Just recently I put out a GeoSnippits tutorial video called GeoSnippits How To Make Your Own PVC Water Main Geocache and the response has been very good.

The biggest conversation that has come from it is how the best way would be to get the bison tube back into the central mechanism of the geocache itself. Several viewers have sent in suggestions but now I would like to post as many ideas to solve this back into the original posting.

So if you did not see the video you can go here and then come back and send me your suggestions. If we use it on the post you could win a GeoSnippits pathtag!

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Mike said...

I've seen similar, though not 100% exactly the same, caches. What I've tried is to put the bison back in one of the ends with the valve in the off position. Turn the whole cache to about 45-degrees and slowly open the valve until it drops in, then close slowly, keeping it at an angle. Hope this helps.

Mike said...

I should also add that you need to open and close the valve in opposite directions, also be careful to open the valve just enough to let the bison tube to drop in. For example, turn clockwise slowly, listen for the bison tube to drop in, then turn back counter-clockwise to close.