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Monday, September 20, 2010

GeoSnippits - How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles

(Above is Geoness in her return appearance as the GeoSnippits Muggler)

One of the hot viewer topics this year is how to deal with muggles. It literally is the most requested video asked to be made. So keeping with our GeoSnippits tradition of using our viewer suggestions we went out this last week and created our latest geocaching tutorial. How To Deal With Geocaching Muggles is a tutorial video designed in an almost classroom like setting to show our viewers how geocachers are being seen by muggles and how to look less suspicious when we go out geocaching.

It is broken down into several sections of discussion:
  • Types of muggles
  • What makes geocachers look suspicious
  • How to Fit In a muggle prown area while geocaching
  • What to do when approached by a muggle
and an over summary.

I am sure there are tons of other examples that can be used (send those in to us by the way and we will make an advanced video! headhardhat@gmail.com) so this can be considered a 101 beginners edition.

We hope you enjoy this GeoSnippits geocaching video and come back for more. Again send in those suggestions. We do listen and over 90% of our videos get created because of viewers like you. Thanks Again!


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Chris P said...

Pretty good suggestions. :) I never have used a reflective vest to discuise myself. To me this is kindof humorous. What I have found in doing this obsession for a couple years now is, most people don't pay any attetion to you. We as a nation don't know what is going on around us teh majority of teh time. If you were geocachign in somplace like Israel i would venture a guess you would be dealing with a whole other class of muggle. :)

Todd300 said...

I am hearing impaired and would like to see your videos closed captioned. Youtube supports closed captioning so a simple search on Youtube will bring up videos on how you can put captions on your videos.

Thanks for all you've done for the Geocaching, Triple H :)