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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Another Adaptation of the HHH's Evil Ant Hill Geocache

Received an email from Huntindaddy78 who did a really evil adaptation to my Evil Ant Hill geocache. I was wondering when someone was going to do something like this. Check out what he wrote:

Dear HHH,
I recently created a variation on your anthill cache. So far it has eluded the best of cachers in the area!..lol So far (even though it is still rather young) it has proved rather difficult for a lot of people. No one has been able to find this cache w/o PAF.
The only variance is the container & the camo. The cache is placed on a small beach in a local park. So of course the camo is sand. The container is a magnetic key holder. I thank you for the tip for this evil cache. I’ve attached an image of the cache & the cache page if you ever wish to look for it in the future. Good luck! & Happy caching!

Below is a test shot showing how well this geocache blends into it's environment. Now imagine it placed just right to make it such a challenge.. W00t!

There is a geocache right in front of you.

What a really great and evil geocache to be sure. I love planting the seed and watching all the different variances and clever changes geocachers bring to the game, sport and obsession of geocaching.

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