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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Let Me Tell You A Story About A Geocacher Named Whitemithrandir

You have heard me say it in the past and I am going to say it again here. Geocachers are some of the nicest and most friendly people on the planet. Geocaching in itself is a fantastically fun activity but when you include other geocachers with you, it brings a whole different level to the game. Here is a prime example, I would gather you have had similar experiences.

My good buddy CarolinaTrombone and I were out a while back working on a brand new series of geocaches. For me it is one of the most fun that I have ever been on. While we were out looking for one of the 22 some odd  components of the series we stumbled upon another geocacher looking for the same one. His geocaching name is Whitemithrandir. We all saw each other about the same time, smiled and knew what we were all up to. After shaking hands and introductions we started looking around for the elusive geocache. While we were scraping at bases of trees I of course started asking general questions, hey it's what I do. Whitemithrandir has one of those instant like personalities. He has a friendly smile and is the type you can just kick back with and shoot the breeze. After a little while we found the geocache and traded the information needed for the series amongst ourselves. We asked if he wanted to follow along but unfortunately he had to move on but invited to go with us on some other day.  Later that day I received an email from Whitemithrandir giving me his phone number of which CarolinaTrombone and I immediately asked him if he wanted to go out the next day to finish the series. The rest is how they say - history.

This series was amazing and had us climbing trees, scouring woodlands and crawling in water drainage pipes.
While we went from cache to cache we got to talk a lot and I found that even though Whitemithrandir has not been caching for a long time he has geocached with a ton of other local geocachers. He just has that magnetic personality and a genuine "go gett'm" geocaching attitude that makes this activity so much fun.

Some of the highlights for that day was a couple of geocaches up in trees. Whitemithrandir was kind enough to go first on these and then set it up for us to sign the logs.

Whitemithrandir Geocaching

The one here took him almost an hour to get up this very slick angled tree.

We had a ball that day going from one geocache to the next. There were Traditionals, Multies and Puzzle caches to solve. Each with a clue to the final geocache.

One of our favorite parts was going into a four foot cement water drainage pipe to find the geocache. This was my first of that kind and quite frankly I can't wait to try some more. Below is a shot I took of Whitemithrandir as he was coming out. Man that was fun. Note the skateboard that helped save us from completely becoming soaked.

Whitemithrandir rolling from a geocache
Needless to say we eventually found all the needed components and the FINAL geocache of the series. It was a ton of fun and we had a much more adventurous time with the massive help of Whitemithrandir. So if you see him out in the Piedmont of North Carolina or at an upcoming geocaching event. Please be sure to say hi. Then invite him along to one of your geocaching adventures, like so many other geocachers. You will be glad you did.


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Emma Springfield said...

Having fun, meeting new friends, and being out in nature is what it is all about. I am glad you had such an enjoyable time. The bonus is your new friend.