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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Check Out Hintdecoder For Geocaching

A helpful hint from the HeadHardHat

Have an Android style phone and enjoy geocaching? There is a handy free app that you might want to keep near to quickly decipher those ROT13 and other types of encryption. It's an app called Hintdecoder For Geocaching and I have found it rather useful while geocaching, especially when trying to figure out some puzzle geocaches out in the field.

It is a really simple cut and past kind of application. Simply put in the text within the top text field and the results are shown in the bottom. The really nice thing is it does all sorts of other codes as well so when you do get that puzzle cache in the field you will be ready for it..

Be sure and try it out for yourself, it's a free app.

Another helpful hint from the HeadHardHat to you.

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