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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet Friend and Fellow Geodude TheHumanRevealer.

I had a great time this week in the piedmont of North Carolina with new geocaching buddy TheHumanRevealer or THR for short. We have been geocaching in the Franklinton and Louisburg area and even though it is not a heavily saturated area. It was perfect for THR who just started with our game, sport and obsession. One of the first things I noticed when taking both THR and his mom out for some fresh spring air is how much he already had a really good geosense of a ground zero area. Of course we just had to have the situation where I was explaining to him about a LPC (Lamp Post Cache) hide and when we came up empty then looking over at his mom who was actually at a nearby tree holding the geocache itself made for a good laugh.  TheHumanRevealer is a real trooper and I am looking forward to many more geocaching adventures with him. Between you and me I think he is officially hooked.. Muhahahaha.

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