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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Shooting The Breeze On Cachers Of The Round Table Podcast

There is no doubt about it, I love talking on podcasts. Even though I don't have a geocaching podcast I do love attending them. For one they are a perfect break from doing GeoSnippits videos which is developed and produced in a completely different way from podcasts. Secondly they are a fantastic opportunity to meet up and talk with other people and talents within the geocaching community. For example, I frequently haunt the live recording of the Geocaching Podcast with Darrylw4 and XpunkX. They record their weekly show live on Talkshoe which allows listeners to be able to not only participate in the show itself but can do live chat as well. We kind of think of it as the "peanut gallery" and part time cheering section. It is a fun interaction that you really don't get to do all that often while an actual show is being taped. The second podcast that I love to be a part of is Darrylw4's Cachers of the Round Table. This is a monthly podcast that is a real treat. Here a bunch of hosts from geocaching based shows (podcasts and video) get together and talk about geocaching stuff. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting up with two fellow geocachers that I have never really had a chance to talk directly with. They were Sonny from Podcacher Podcast and Icenrye from the TrackFiles videozine.

Just to show you how spread out we were there was Darrylw4 who lives in the metro Detroit area of Michigan, Sonny is in "Sunny San Diego", CA, Icenrye is in Prince George, BC and I am in Raleigh, NC. The topic for this session was photography and geocaching. All of us are huge photo bugs so it was one of those really fun times where everybody has their take and expertise to share. For me it was extra fun because I was finally able to jab with Sonny and Icenrye. I think that is what makes Cachers of the Round Table such a fun podcast to listen to. It's geocachers doing what geocachers do best - talking about geocaching. There is always a ton of fun examples, interesting tid-bits and good sound examples of experience that is coming from people who are passionate about geocaching.

So long story short (too late) I had an absolute blast finally being able to kick back and talk geocaching with some of my favorite geocaching friends. This particular episode of CRT is scheduled for March 2011 so keep an eye out. I will also let you know via my blog so you don't miss it.

 I look forward to many more sessions with them and all the rest of the amazing geocaching folks out there. Oh and if you have not had a chance to listen to a geocaching based podcast before I highly recommend that you do. Below are the links to all the shows from everyone we talked about today. Enjoy!

Cachers of the Round Table hosted by Darrylw4

Podcacher Podcast hosted by Sonny and Sandy

Trackfiles Videozine hosted by Icenrye

GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos hosted by HeadHardHat

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Darryl said...

CRT is always a blast and we usually have a great time hanging out just chatting whether the recorder is going or not. Look for this episode -- CRT034 -- to be release on March 3rd.