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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hiding A Geocache Just As Much Fun As Finding?

What Makes A Great Geocache Hide?

I was just recently going through my blog archives of past posts.

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While looking around I came upon an earlier post/discussion about how many geocachers enjoy hiding a geocache as much as they do finding a geocache. For me personally hiding a geocache comes in a very close second but not by much.  I love finding geocaches and enjoy the amazing creativity that geocachers have. Sure there are tons of LPH's (Lamp Post Hides) and other same-old same-olds but when you find that one out of 50 find that just makes you go "oh cool" it gets my heart racing.

Then again the adventure you can go on hiding a geocache can bring a whole host of emotions, trials and tribulations as well. Finding that perfect hiding spot takes time. There is no other way around it. Oh sure you may get lucky and stumble across a great spot but for most you have to do your research. First you have to figure out what type of geocache you want to hide. There are a bunch of types besides the standard traditionals. Is it a multi or maybe a puzzle geocache? What type of container(s) are you going to use? How are you going to have them blend into the surroundings so they don't get muggled? Many times you won't know many of these answers until you actually find the hiding spot. Then the real fun begins and you have to actually go out and find the hiding spots themselves. How do you do that?

I am always amazed of the really good hiding areas where when you get to them you can't help but say to yourself, "how the heck did they even know this was here?". I can remember not too long ago bushwhacking in a wooded area for about a quarter of a mile and came upon a large tree that had partially fallen and was perfect for scampering up and hiding a bison tube. There is absolutely nothing around but woods and yet this geocacher found it and made use. How did they even know it was there? For me I usually use Google maps in satellite mode. With it showing all the nearby geocaches right there. Sometimes I get lucky, sometimes I find it has no trespassing signs posted, Eh, it is how it goes. Whether you research and find a great spot or stumble across an area it is always best to get permission from the land owner to place the geocache. Calling the county clerk with the coordinates or if you have the contact information is the smart way to go. I get some yeses and I get some nos. It is always good to check.

Any way you slice it, hiding a geocache can be just as rewarding or frustrating as finding one. You have to do your homework, use some good common sense and then follow through with making it a hide to remember. That's my take on this fun subject. What are your geocaching thoughts?


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