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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

GeoSnippits Geocaching Videos: Photography and Geocaching

Let's face it, geocachers absolutely love taking snap shots while they are out geocaching. As Sonny from Podcacher Podcast recently said on March's edition of the Cacher's of the Round Table podcast. That we love to tell stories of our geocaching adventures and photography allows us to do that. We take tons of pictures because we can show others what it is like as we go from geocache to geocache what it looks like. Plus all the amazing sites we never even knew were there along the way. Then you can include all the amazing geocaches themselves and how proud we are when we make that very cool find. We want to document it all.

This GeoSnippits video discusses the very basics of photography and what you might like to take with you while geocaching. We will be making a more advanced video soon.

Enjoy and be sure to email me some of your favorite geocaching moments. We may put them up on our blog. Send them to headhardhat@gmail.com

If the player above does not display you can see the entire video by clicking the link below:

This episode will also be seen on Michigan Magazine TV (RFDTV). You can see GeoSnippits each and every week. Be sure to check it out!

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