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Thursday, March 24, 2011

HeadHardHat Joins The Geocaching Podcast Team As Co-Host

WOW! All I can say was how surprised and honored to be asked to join the Geocaching Podcast and to be part of their team.

Okay for all of my viewers who have been asking, now you can add Podcaster to my ever growing list of activities in the geocaching world. Lessee here, I am the creator and host of our geocaching series GeoSnippits Videos. They are seen all around the world via YouTube. I also make a separate set of GeoSnippits segments for Michigan Magazine TV (RFDTV Network) which is seen twice each week in all 50 states. Oh and I write this little blog that apparently a whole bunch of geocachers like to read from all the time. So yeah, I had some spare time to work with. Note - I am also a Sr. QA Engineer to help pay for my geocaching obsession.

Darrylw4, HeadHardHat and XpunkX at
last years Cachercon 2010
So enough about me lets talk about the Geocaching Podcast. If you want to really feel a part of something special then I highly recommend that you join XpunkX, Darrylw4, Montu-Rider and myself each Wednesday at 9:30pm EST where we do LIVE recordings of the show each week. Not only can you listen to the show as it is being taped but you can voice your thoughts in the chat room that all can see and react from. I usually referred to it as the "peanut gallery" and you can influence the show by the information and comments you provide. It always has a lively discussion and your comments are appreciated.

Even if you don't make the live recording the Geocaching Podcast is presented each week and is available via the Geocaching Podcast website and many of your favorite podcast sites as well. You can get all the details plus the blog, special features, past recordings and so much more at the website so click the link below and check it out. I am looking forward to seeing you there! Geocaching Podcast Website Link


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Anonymous said...

HHH - What ever happened to "Treasure Cache TV" ? Why was it cancelled?

HiddenCaches said...

Congrats HHH! Looking forward to listening to the next podcast! You will make a great addition to the team.