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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Very Cool Geocaching Tool - GCC - Geocaching Calculator

GCC - Geocaching Calculator
I always love hearing about useful and fun applications that can be used in the field while geocaching. I was given privey about this one from some of our fellow geocachers in the NCGO. I suggest you check out this Android phone app known as GCC - Geocaching Calculator.

What is so cool about this app? Glad you asked. What would you say to a utility that you can have in your hand at any time which allows you to encode and decode pretty much any encryption known on the planet? No kidding it has over 80 features and growing. You name the encryption and it does it.. Things like Morse code, ROT anything, Resister color codes, tons of stuff you may not have ever considered. For example, how about a code that comes from phone key pads, whoda thunk? Tons of converters as well like temps, coordinates, projectiles, etc.

You can get all the information about this amazing geocaching application including some really nice screen shots and feature definitions on their main web page.

I highly recommend this to be a "must have".


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Cache At Night said...

Looks like a handy tool. The folks in the Ottawa area of Canada need this. They are puzzle obsessed up tehre!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Gonna use this one day.