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Friday, March 18, 2011

It's Spring! Working On Some New Geocaches

Yes indeedy, with the temps climbing and the warm weather finally here (okay, down in Raleigh anyways). The geocaching bug is really starting to bite. Time to get those geocaches ready to go out and be deployed into the wild. For me personally I have been working on three different geocaches in the past few days and wanted to share with you how they are going. Check them out...

Military Grade Geocache
First off is a really easy and yet slightly unusual geocache. It is a military powder container. Made of a cast aluminum (I think). This very waterproof container is the size of a very large canning jar with screw down butterfly latches to help keep things in place. I would imagine since it was made for holding different military grade powders that it should be able to keep all the trinkets inside nice and safe.

Here you can see it with the primer paint already in place and I am just starting to figure how I want to camouflage  it up a bit. The final product will be something that will blend in well with a wooded area.

I have a sneeky suspicion that this one will be hidden up in a tree somewhere. It is heavy enough for easy movement and will make a fun hide depending how I hide the rope.

A Work In Progress
Next is an even more unusual geocache that is not yet completed but will soon be. It also is made of something that I found in an Army Surplus Store.

I am not going to tell everything about this one because I am going to make a rather cool GeoSnippits video out of it and don't want to give away the big twist and final result. What I can say is it is going to be very unique and would make a great project for the kids as well. So stay tuned.

Well that's all for now.. what?  Oh my third project that I mentioned... right. That one is really top secret and will blow your mind. I was given the challenge of coming up with a good camouflage idea for a regular sized geocache. I actually have two ideas I am working on. I am sure you are going to love them once I actually complete them that is. Will definitely be future GeoSnippits videos for sure.. So keep checking in. They will be out soon - promise.


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Jonathan said...

Where did you find the waterproof container at? I have been trying to find one of those at yards sales and flea markets and have not come across one yet. I would like to get one or two of those for up here in Minnesota and hope I can order one online.

Ann said...

I have only been caching since September 2010 and I am sooooooooooo hooked on it. I have only 2 hidden out in the wild so far, well one is in the garden so not really in the wild that one!
We have found great containers in our searches. Good luck with your cache hides the containers look fantastic.