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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

SWEET - A FTF at a Travel Bug Hotel.

Okay the debate of geocaching and is it all about the numbers will continue as long as the activity exists. The other debate is of the importance of FTFs (First To Finds) is still a favorite with me. I am a FTF hound and freely admit it. There is an exhilaration that goes with that race to be first that keeps the game interesting for me. I don't know what gets my heart pumping more. The flight to ground zero, the need for a quick find or that final moment when you open up that log book to see those clean sheets. When everything clicks there is nothing like it and when someone beats you to it the sting stays with you a bit even though you know it is all part of the game. Then there is that fun situation when multiple geocachers meet up at the same time. I do like those because we all know why we are there and it is always cool to meet up with fellow geocachers.

This geocache find was a travel bug hotel and I found this Homer TB very cool and will move him on shortly. Now it's time for some lunch and then edit more GeoSnippits videos. Until the next FTF comes along...

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HiddenCaches said...

Congrats on finding that awesome TB. -HiddenCaches