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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Geocaching Podcast: From Behind The Scenes - EPISODE 197 - Geowoodstock 2011

Co-Host HeadHardHat
I had so much fun last night with it being my official first time as co-host on the Geocaching Podcast and I want to say right off the bat THANK YOU for all the well wishes and for the large amount of people who were there with us in the LIVE chat room. I have to admit I was really happy to see the turn out and it made me feel so much better knowing you were there.

Tonights episode was discussing GeoWoodstock 2011 and our guest speaker was Wes (KCEPen). Lead hosts XpunkX, Darrylw4 and I were in attendance. I won't go into the details too much here but Wes knew his stuff and gave some really great insights for anyone wanting to attend either for the first time or the GeoWoodstock experienced as well.

What I will tell you is there are some amazing price packages for us this year. This is including items that is not just your average swag but items that you will want to have for genuine keepsakes. I know which package I will be going for. Oh and after the show I was able to talk to Wes a little more and one of the things that actually wasn't covered was the final registration days. I HIGHLY recommend that you register sooner rather than later. In fact you want to be registered before June 1st because registration closes a month before the actual events.

Okay I don't want to let anything slip so go and listen to the show for yourself.... Can't stand it... must tell... doh... There is one item available in most of the packages that is going to be done for the first time EVER at a Geowoodstock and it is a really cool ..................................................

We are sorry but the transmission to this blog post has been interupted. To learn all the Geowoodstock IX information be sure to listen to Episode 197 at the Geocaching Podcast website or where all the fine podcast establishments reside. http://geocachingpodcast.com/

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