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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

#400 For HeadHardHat

Miss Geoness and I in high winds were making an attempt of showing 400 in finger sign. Great Christmas Eve Day geocaching.

Only had a few moments to go out for some quick park and grabs. It was about 68 out but very windy. Had fun using the Geocaching Navigator application on my Blackberry. It was spot on for all of the caches which I found quite nice to use. I still don't like using my phone for a GPS device for geocaching because it simply is not durable for weather, dirt and being dropped. On the other hand for those times that you are out of your expected caching area and want to have instant access to geocaching information this is the way to go. I will be putting out a full review of Geocaching Navigator soon.


Just John said...

Congrats on the milestone! Windy or not, it looks like you had a good time. Merry Christmas!

P.J. said...

Congrats on getting No. 400. Next up... 500! :)

A 'lil HooHaa.