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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A True Christmas Holiday Oxymoronism

Was in a local grocery store today and spotted this particular holiday libation.

Yes, before my very eyes was a container of holiday cheer filled with liquid and written on the container were the words "Southern Comfort". My first knee jerk reaction was "Oh, I have got to get me some of this!"

At closer inspection of the label was a different reaction closer to "WTF?", followed by, "Who the heck would do this?" It's a cruel and awful trick somewhere to the level of the Grinch.

Click the photo above to see what I mean....


EMC of Northridge, CA said...

Now that IS cruel and unusual...

Anonymous said...

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P.J. said...


A 'lil HooHaa

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least you realized it now. How funny would that have been if you took it home and started drinking it. Then you start acting drunk because...well, that's is what would have happened if it was truly the right stuff. Then someone walks in and asks why you are hopping back and forth between the couch and the chair wearing a cowboy hat, one yellow glove, normal clothes, but with high heels on. You point out the container of egg nog and someone mentions "But it says Non-Alcoholic?"

Now that would be funny.

And before anyone tries to suggest, that image is not something I've done, but something I witnessed when a friend got drunk one night at a New Year's Party. And we have pictures.

Unknown said...

Whew, okay a "Yellow" glove, phew that was close. Wasn't me. :)


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